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New Features Have Been Added!!

We have some great news!!
We have added integration so that you can print and purchase postage right from our system.
We have also added Mobile SMS Subscription so that your customers can use their mobile phone to subscribe to your SMS text messages.
More great stuff is coming so stay tuned.
2018-01-30 15:08

IPhone Facebook Bug

We have recently been made aware of a bug in the IPhone Facebook app that could affect your customers from seeing your item images when using a shared link.

If you have shared a link such as your Roe Emporium Party, when the customer clicks the shared link in the IPhone FB App, the app renders the web page and not the phones browser, due to this bug the images may not render properly or not at all. If this happens you will need to instruct your customer to copy and paste the link directly in the phone's browser to have the images displayed properly.

2017-08-14 08:29

SMS Text Message Is Now Available!

We have added text messaging that will allow you to receive text notifications when shoppers comment and claim items. This helps you stay in touch with your customers especially if you are having issues with Facebook showing notifications in a timely manner.

You will also be able to send party notifications easily from the party manager as well as sending general text messages with any information you want to send.

Here are some links to help you get started:

2017-08-14 08:21

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