Feature is NOT available in this package
Feature is included in this package
Feature is optionally available in this package at an adittional cost.
For SMS , some SMS is included in the package, however if you wish to have more than the allotted, then you need to purchase this package.

For plans that include the Bless Transfers or the Merchant Account, Bless Transfers will be automatically added for LLR retailers with the option to add the Merchant Account if selling other products along with LLR. For Non-LLR retailers the Merchant Account will be automatically be added.
Feature Bronze
Inventory Management
Bonus Bucks
Virtual Punch Cards
Shipping Integration
On-Line VIP Parties
On-Line Pro VIP Parties
On-Line Muli-Retailer Parties
Live Sales
Up Sell Items
Also Liked Items
Track Sales
Track Party Sales
Shopper Ratings
Custom Styles
Custom Sizes
Location Tracking
Point Of Sale
Sales Tax Tracking
Custom Information Messages
Time Zone Support
Import From Other Systems
Text Messaging
Invoicing & Customer
Payment Support
Bless Integration For LLR Retailers
Post Your Inventory To Facebook
Schedule Uploads To Facebook
Create Facebook Auto Posts
Create Facebook Album Themes
Facebook Live Assistant
Shopper Portal
Track Recent Sales
Keep Track Of Favorite Retailer Parties
Liked Item
Retailer Search
View Punch Cards
View Bonus Bucks
Item Search
Notifications From Favorite Retailers
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